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The Club for Fitness

Mckinleyville, California

The Club for Fitness is a multi-facility fitness center located in Mckinleyville, California. I oversee all marketing, graphics, branding and social operations for the business. Creating an all-inclusive environment that promotes healthy living and a fitness centered lifestyle is my main goal. 

Club App Tile-01.png

Modern Brand Design

As head of branding my task was to create a visual identity for The Club for Fitness that represented a new upscale gym in rural Northern California. The owners wanted their business to have clean and modern aesthetic that would be timeless and stand out against the surrounding competition.The branding needed to assist the membership team and help sell the gym as a whole luxury package. The branding also had to appeal to people from all demographics, the idea was not to intimidate people with pictures of overly fit fitness models. It needed to be seen as a community partner.

Finding inspiration from other high end gyms like Equinox and Lifetime, a simple monochromatic color scheme was chosen for general brand assists. Splitting white and black brand colors between two main departments, Personal Training (black) and Membership Sales (white). 


Club Zone - Premium Group Fitness Classes 

Club Zone Studio is the gyms premiere group fitness programming that is offered to our highest membership level. These classes use Myzone Heart Rate Monitors to track specific heart rate levels throughout the class, different heart rate zone are denoted based on color. The classes are taught with super high energy and mean't to inspire participants to reach their highest potential.

My task was to create a separate brand identity for this program at the gym. Since it was fairly new it needed to excite members to upgrade their memberships and also reflect a different vibe compared to the rest of our group fitness classes. Using the colors scheme from the different heart rate zone I created a rainbow gradient that could be associated with all Club Zone marketing campaigns

Myzone Club poster-01.png
Myzone Classes-01.png
Mill Creek #2-01.png
Club Zone-01.jpg

Social Media, Email Marketing and Web Design

The Clubs social media presence is based on sharing promotions and interacting with current and future members. Monthly/weekly email campaigns are used to updated current members and entice new prospects to join. Platforms used: Instagram, Facebook, Constant Contact, ClubOS, Google Business, Yelp.


I also was the project manager for the creation of our new website, I oversaw overall design and content creation. 

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Radio Ads

Created concept and copy for radio ads that promoted a variety of our services. 

Swim Lessons Ad #1
Personal Training Ad #2

Onsite Photography

Part of my job is to create a photobank of content, highlighting the facilities and its training staff.

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