The Club for Fitness

Mckinleyville, California

The Club for Fitness is a multi-facility fitness center located in Mckinleyville, California. I oversee all marketing, graphics, branding and social operations for the business. Creating an all-inclusive environment that promotes healthy living and a fitness centered lifestyle is my main goal. 

In house Graphics

Planned, conceptualized and designed print and web materials for the various departments. This included posters, flyers, social media tiles, business cards, sales brochures, web landing pages and much more. 

Social Media, Email Marketing and Web Design

The Clubs social media presence is based on sharing promotions and interacting with current and future members. Monthly/weekly email campaigns are used to updated current members and entice new prospects to join. Platforms used: Instagram, Facebook, Constant Contact, ClubOS, Google Business, Yelp.


I also was the project manager for the creating of our new website, I oversaw overall design and content creation. 

Onsite Photography

Part of my job is to create a photobank of content, highlighting the facilities and its training staff.